Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tutorial: Ribbon Blanket

Well I thought I'd try a tutorial as I've never done one before.  It's for the ribbon blanket I made originally for my son as I've just made another one for his new cousin who should be born soon!  

Ribbon Blanket Tutorial

You will need:
- two pieces of fabric of a similar size (I used a pink piece of cotton material and a soft one)
- 8 pieces of ribbon all the same length

1 - Take the front piece of fabric and lay it down right side up

2 - Fold each piece of ribbon in half and pin it in place with the ends sticking out over the fabric

3 - Stitch it all in place then cut off the excess ribbon around the edges

4 - Put the backing fabric on top of the front piece right side-to-right side and pin in place

5 - Stitch around the edges leaving a gap to turn inside out

6 - Cut any excess fabric away and trim the corners

7 - Turn the blanket the right way round and push the corners out

8 - Sew around the whole blanket edge to finish off and seal the gap

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