Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Canvas Photo Noticeboard

First of a couple of Christmas present posts!  I normally try to make lots of things for my family at Christmas but with moving house and having a little one, this year just seems to have disappeared!  I did manage to make a couple of things though. The first is another one of my photo noticeboards using a canvas, fabric, wadding and ribbon.  They are so easy to make (this one took about 30 minutes) and look really effective.  Hopefully my sister liked it too!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas Wreath

Something a bit different for me today as I went to a friend's house yesterday and we made Christmas Wreaths.  I'm not the most artistic person in the world and struggled to get it looking good, but I'm still quite pleased with the finished product!  It is now hanging proudly on our front door.  

Happy Christmas!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Tooth Fairy Pillow

My daughter's first tooth fell out today.  I had seen little pillows that other people had made for their children for their teeth to go in and thought I would like to make one too.  Unfortunately I hadn't gotten around to it and so when her tooth fell out today it was an emergency make!  She loves giraffes so I used her favourite giraffe fabric to make a little pillow and sewed 'TEETH' onto a small pink pocket to go on the front of it.  She seemed to like it and it is now safely under her pillow with her tooth inside it waiting for the tooth fairy...