Friday, 28 March 2014

Ribbon blanket

When my daughter was young, my sister bought her a little cat with lots of ribbons coming out of it. I decided to make my son a small blanket with ribbons similar to this and here is my attempt.  I found lots of different designs of ribbons in my collection and used some nice dinosaur material for the front.  For the back I got a very soft material with raised dots on it.  My son seems to like it anyway.  I will probably make some more for him in different designs.

I cut a fabric square slightly larger than I wanted the final one to be and 12 pieces of ribbon slightly longer than I needed them.  I pinned the ribbons to the right side of the material with the two ends of the ribbon hanging over the edge.  I then stitched all round the edges.I took the backing piece of the material and sewed the two pieces front to front leaving a hole to turn inside out. I cut the ends off the ribbons and trimmed the edges of the material.  I then turned it all the right way round and sewed round all the edges sealing up the hole.

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