Sunday, 20 May 2012

Crayon Rolls

Having started sewing just before last Christmas, I found these online and really wanted to have a go at them.  I finally found time to try them and found them incredibly easy to make!  So good, I made two in one evening. I used a tutorial from 'The Pleated Poppy's' website which was relatively easy to follow.  I used a fat quarter of fabric and made it into quarters to make the size of the rolls.  I used 3 pieces of the same size in differing fabrics.  The pockets were made with one of the pieces folded in half and then stictched to the front piece (and a piece of interacing to add a bit more thickness) in 1 inch sections.  I then added the back piece leaving a small hole to pull it all  the right way round.  I added a length of ribbon to the hole and then stitched the whole way round to seal it alll together.  The ribbon can then be used to tie it up.  I love these things and am planning on making some for Christmas presents for the children and some bigger ones for adults :o)

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  1. These look great Em, I have another friend who makes similar things for coloured pencils and sells them at school fetes etc. You are very talented!